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About Us

The Bird's Nest is a "nickname" my girlfriends gave my garage apartment. I retired from my skin care company called The Skin Spa and met so many of my girlfriends that are my best friends today. So the girls would come over... I would work on their skin.. we would have Wine & Cheese, share our latest stories & shopping finds and laugh until we wheeze... like us girls do! We called ourselves cackling hens, chickadees. thus "the bird's nest" got its nickname! These girls have encouraged me to blog about my favorite shopping finds for outfits, shoes & accessories, beauty products for skin care, hair care & cosmetics. So I started my blog called "Tell Just Your Best!

I want to invite you into my online "birds nest" providing you with some of my favorite things! Be sure & JOIN Mso you won't miss out!

      - Terie Davis